First House, First Kitchen, First Pantry?

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First House, First Kitchen, First Pantry?

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Maybe you just moved out of your parent’s house, or graduated college, or purchased your first
home. Whatever the impetus, whenever we set up our new homes the one area that seems to
get neglected is the kitchen. We’re so focused on the fact that the sofa doesn’t fit in the living
room even though we measured it twice that we put off going to the store. Finally we make it but
we’re tired and rushed so we grab a whole bunch of random items. Now you have a kitchen with
two containers of salt, three cans of tomato paste and a bottle of sesame oil. Good luck making
something with that!

Some websites just throw a huge list at you and never bother to explain why certain things are on it.  Some websites give you recipes and grocery list but dont offer a virtual pantry. Most cooking apps do not solve the fundamental problems home eating.  Finding recipes which are healthy and desirable, recipe discovery + planning, creating grocery lists, managing pantries, and grocery delivery.  Apps or services focus on one of these maybe 2.  We’ve decided to be more helpful and created an entire app to help you with the process.

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