Eating $Cheaply$ Now, May Be Costly To Your Health Later On

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Eating $Cheaply$ Now, May Be Costly To Your Health Later On

The American system of producing processed foods may seem like a good idea for the wallet but may
be responsible for chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity in the future.
Studies have linked chronic illnesses to diets that consist of cheap processed foods.
Poor dietary choices by the American population may be influenced by the United States Government
providing federal subsidies to large farming corporations that grow agricultural produce such as corn,
soybeans, and rice. Researchers have confirmed that the monies granted by the government mainly
fund large corporate farms and small business farmers receive little or none of the funding.
These government subsidies indirectly manage and control the supply of these agricultural products
by decreasing the costs of these food supplies by overproducing these products. The over surplus of
these goods results in the manufacturing of high fructose corn syrup which is the main ingredient in
processed foods. Large corporate farming industries earn a lot of money through these subsidies and
concentrate on growing these products.








Should Junk Foods Be Labeled With Health Warnings?

Processed foods are more accessible, have longer shelf lives and are cheaper for the
American population to purchase. It took many years and legal battles for cigarettes to be
labeled with health warnings and risks. Should a bag of corn chips contain health warnings
and risks of diabetes, heart disease and obesity?

Americans are purchasing cheaper foods because these inexpensive products flood the food
system. GOVERNMENT subsidizes the high fructose syrup market which results in the
overabundance of cheap processed food products which are purchased in the United States
and contributes to HEALTH ISSUES.


American tax dollars are funding large farming industries to flood the market with unhealthy cheap food products. The United States government is campaigning Americans to choose healthy foods to eat but continues to be influenced by large farming corporations and their lobbyists. The lobbyists remain so powerful that the overall health of the American people is ignored. The current agricultural system of producing foods is flawed and more funding should concentrate on healthier food products to lower the prices for all.

“You are what you eat”  should be replaced with, “You are what you can afford!”

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