The First Lifestyle Cooking App Which Optimizes Your Meal Plan For You

Get recommended recipes based on personal preferences, nutrition, budget and your pantry

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eGrocer is unlike other cooking & recipe apps

With an intrinsic design & easy to use menus it offers a wide range of features


Browse from thousands of delicious recipes and chef specials


Tune up your diet plan, get recommendations based on stats that keep you fit


Cook in accordance with your budget and the number of family members you have



Get recipe suggestions based on the items available in your pantry

Meal Plans

Plan by the day or weekly meal plans. Your time is important


Auto update items you need to buy, amount and quantity that has been used

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How It Works

Introducing the ultimate cooking app that’s smart & loves to take
care of you

Find Your Perfect Diet Plan

Finding it hard to maintain a diet plan? Worry not as eGrocer finds how many calories you need based on your body mass ratio & your daily activity level.

It then suggests you recipes that are easy to cook, keep you fit and nourished.

Your Preferences Matter

Don’t like a particular dish, concerned about fitness or allergies, or having guests at home, eGrocer has recipes that you will love cooking for yourself and your family.

eGrocer remembers all of your preferences allowing the best recipes to be suggested to you.

Manage Your Kitchen

eGrocer is your smart kitchen companion. It lets you manage your pantry efficiently, make grocery lists and also helps you use leftovers to prevent food losses.

It directs you to shop from stores in your location and cook within a budget!

Discover New Recipes

Surprise guests & family members with mouthwatering delights & desserts based on recipes, cuisine and cooking styles from all over the world.

eGrocer lets you become a top chef by giving you wonderful recipes for every occasion.

eGrocer Introduction


No More Following A Diet Plan, Eat Smart With The Lifestyle Cooking App Knowing Your Calories & Nutritional Requirements Based On Your Fitness & Health

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