How eGrocer works

Member Profile and Preferences

Tell us a little about yourself and your likes and dislikes, any food allergies you may have and the types of dishes you would like to cook. Multiple family members can be added and recipes will scale for the number of people in your group based on caloric intake.

Create a meal plan

Our proprietary recommender system will digest all the info you have given it to find you delicious and healthy recipes.  One may cook ahead if they are looking to cook leftovers. Also you can also pick from your favorite recipes in your cookbook.  The more we use it the better the system will become.

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Generate a grocery list and Manage Virtual Pantry

eGrocer will automatically calculate your grocery list for so you never need to worry about having the right ingredients or overbuying again.

Keep track of the items bought and expiration dates with the eGrocer virtual pantry.  Any changes you make to your meal plan or pantry will automatically update your grocery list real time – so you always know what you need and when you need it.

Bonus Add ons

Personalize your cookbook

Use our recipe generator feature and create your own personal cookbook with thousands of recipes to choose from.

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Grocery Delivery Service

After sending your order to our Certified Farm Pickers (CEFAPS) [see-faps], our CEFAPS will receive your order and start picking your fresh food.  After organizing everything it will be send to our delivery service to be delivered at the time requested.

We only offer specific approved Rich Thomas vendor brands and approved locally source vendors. The vendor brands go thru a rigorous test and analysis.  We look at the vendors price, how it is made, if it is organic, and if its production is sustainable.  The locally approved sources also go thru a similar test, we strive to promote the local farming community.

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